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Introduction to Revnet V.1
Revnet sets standards in which all others should be measured against.




Revnet is the world's first real time data monetization and list management environment. It was designed to enable publishers and businesses to maximize their return on investment in a real time environment. It has many capabilities. RevNet can be used to drastically improve your campaign effectiveness, manage and remarket to your data which greatly increases marketing metrics and inevitably your profit.


RevNet is expandable and extensible. It was designed to be augmented with plug-ins and extensions which increase profitability. The advanced interface allows publishers to measure the effectiveness and quality of their data collection sources. This easy-to-use yet powerful platform gives you the freedom to turn your information gathering into a major part of your income stream. Revnet is next generation and the world's most powerful realtime marketing solution. If features new cutting-edge functionality that makes marketing and remarketing simple.

Call Centers

CallNet (CRM) organizes, automates, and synchronizes business processes for call centers. It streamlines sales and marketing processes and creates higher closing rates. CallNet offers state of the art customer profiling and targetting, reduces expense and increases your profitability. (SFA) provides an array of capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that you need to spend on manual data entry and administration. CallNet also includes features for opportunity management, territory management, sales forecasting, workflow automation and product knowledge. If your a call center interested in CallNet please reach out for more details.

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